Episode 4 – Finish

Our youth series finishes strong with an action-packed performance from GRV to Trip Lee’s song “Lazarus,” which depicts the story of Lazarus and proves that your life is not declared over until God says it’s over. Pastor Phil’s concluding message explains that it’s not about how we start, but how we finish. We all experience obstacles in our lives – we can choose to be a victim to these roadblocks, or we can choose to see past our current circumstances and finish stronger than we started! Our inspirational speaker for this episode knows all too well the struggles of starting off with the lower hand. Founder and CEO of 4th Purpose, Josh Smith, explains how he used his time in prison to set himself up for a strong finish, and how there’d be no one but himself to blame if he hadn’t turned his life around. The Lord has a way of bringing seemingly dead situations back to life…rest in Him to help you finish strong! 


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