Episode 3 – Performance

This episode features several exciting performances! It opens with a Christian comedian’s funny take on COVID-19, especially how wearing masks makes us more aware of our bad breath, continues with a hip hop dance crew’s energetic choreography to a popular Andy Mineo song and ends with a musical performance by Wande to her popular song “Happy,” which talks about our unified desire as humans to find and live in true happiness. We hear from Michael Mendoza, who shares how he discovered his need to “drop the act” during his time behind bars. This led to his decision to live a more authentic life with God as his anchor, rather than his desire for popularity and approval. Pastor Phil talks about our ability to walk around in “monkey suits,” where we often portray ourselves to those around us as someone we aren’t. He explains that nothing we have done can ever shake God, if we just take the monkey suit off and be our true authentic God-given self. 


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