Episode 2 – Purpose

“You suck as a criminal!” These are not our words, but the opening words of Pastor Phil in this second episode. His message is that your purpose in life isn’t defined by past events or current circumstances but that your purpose rests in the fact that God has created all of us for greatness! There is a specific purpose for each one of our lives. All we have to do is recognize that we shouldn’t sacrifice our lives for temporary gain, but to spend our lives walking in our true and unique purpose. This is exactly what Lina To Carter has done post-incarceration. You will hear how she has been walking in her purpose of being a mom, selling real estate and most importantly, mentoring young women in lockup through her work with Straight Ahead Ministries. Encouraging messages we received from prison volunteers around the country have been worked into hip hop artist, Reconcile’s song “Never Would Have Made It,” which tells about his personal journey of finding greater purpose in living a life for God.


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