Visitation 2.0 Video Submission Form

Since all family and volunteer visitations have been halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 4th Purpose Foundation is creating a ‘digital visit’ series, which will be viewed in jails and prisons across America, to remind our friends behind bars that they are loved and not forgotten. The Visitation 2.0 video series will include performances and messages from people like: Common, Rick Warren, Lacrae, Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, We Are Messengers, Albert Tate, Alice Marie Johnson, Zach Williams, KB, Willow Creek Church worship, Saddleback Church worship, NFL Running Back Sam Acho, Civil Rights Icon Ambassador Andrew Young, John Hope Bryant, and so many more.

YOU and your family can be a part of this! We would like to add positive messages from families in our episodes! We also want to feature positive uplifting stories of those of you who were formerly incarcerated as you know just how to speak to those inside. Keep in mind we have a limited number of video slots, so the sooner you get yours submitted, the better the chance it will be featured. If your you or your family would like to participate, please follow the directions below:

What we’re asking from you:

  • Families: An encouraging video message under 20 seconds to your incarcerated loved one so they can see and hear directly from you! This can be from one person, or an entire family. This can be just a child speaking to their parent, or grandparents speaking to their grandchildren who are incarcerated. Natural messages of love and hope spoken from the heart!
  • Families: Take a photo of you and/or your family holding signs that have encouraging words on it like: “We miss you!” / “See you soon, Mom!” / “I love you Daddy!” / “Keep your head up, son!”
  • Formerly Incarcerated: We ask that you record a video under 1 minute in length sharing your life before, during and then after incarceration as well as an encouraging word for those incarcerated. This should be positive and uplifting to all those inside.

Example Testimony


  • Please keep your message content generic; use nicknames to refer to your loved one (i.e. mommy, daddy, honey, sweetie, baby, etc.) and don’t show any photographs of your family member who’s incarcerated.
  • Videos are preferred (if possible)! feel free to shoot these using your smartphones or other electronic devices.
  • Make sure your device is oriented in LANDSCAPE mode (horizontally, not vertically) – this is VERY important!
  • When considering lighting, it’s always best to be facing the light source rather than have the light behind you. (Don’t stand directly in front of any windows or bright indoor light fixtures).
  • Incorporate signs so your loved one can see you/your family’s personalized message to him/her (especially if you’re uploading a photo).

Tips on getting a good video or photo:

  • Feel free to use your smartphone and make sure to have your camera set up horizontally (to the side)  NOT vertically (straight up and down)
  • Find your light — ideally to your front, left, or right — and NOT behind you.
  • Avoid noisy rooms and situations.
  • Be yourself! These prisoners will be so grateful to hear from you.

Submit Your Video/Photo

If you run into any issues uploading your video/photo, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency whereof is hereby acknowledged:

I hereby grant Neighborhood Film Company, LLC (“Production Company”), its affiliates, licensees, successors and assigns the irrevocable right, in perpetuity, to use the footage taken of me (the “Footage”) in connection with the production, distribution and exploitation of the video presently entitled “Visitation 2.0” (the “Video”) to edit, delete, alter and amend the Video in any manner and to juxtapose the Footage with any other material. This grant of rights includes the right to use my image, voice and all instrumental, musical or other sound effects produced by me contained in the footage. The Video and/or Footage may be utilized in correctional facilities worldwide and for use on the internet and social media in perpetuity, without any payment to me. The company has no obligation to use the footage in the film.

I do hereby release and forever discharge the Production Company of, from and against all actions, causes of action, claims, suits judgments and demands which may by made against the Production Company by virtue of my appearance in any manner whatsoever, in the Video.

I am over 18 years of age and have the right to make this agreement.