Visitation 2.0 episodes can be available to the inmate population in the following ways:

  1. The Visitation 2.0 promo and episodes can be accessed on our website at If internet is available at your facility, use this site directly to create viewing opportunities for your population.
  2. If your facility has a channel set aside for the department of corrections or the facility itself through closed-circuit TV, a staff member can download the Visitation 2.0 episodes from and air the content on their prison channel.
  3. A chaplain or program staff can create a viewing opportunity for inmates by downloading the content at and using the viewing resources available at his or her facility to show it (such as large or small gatherings in chapels or dayrooms).
  4. If your state has access to Prison Fellowship’s Floodlight™ platform, Visitation 2.0 is being provided as a downloadable file as one of many content options through their platform. If you are interested in this free resource, you can sign up for access at:
  5. Visitation 2.0 will be viewable on Edovo and APDS tablets where they are available.
  6. If all those options fail, 4th Purpose Foundation will mail a thumb drive or DVD of the content to a prison or jail staff member. Please email that request to [email protected].

Download All Available Video Content Here