Episode 5 – You Are Not Alone

This final episode opens up with 4th Purpose Founder, Josh Smith, explaining the true purpose behind the creation of this series – to let those behind bars know they’re not alone and that they are thought of by so many on the outside. You will enjoy the jokes and humor coming from our host, Comedian Michael Jr., who only gets funnier as the episode goes on. Hip Hop Artist Lecrae wanted to come back (after hosting Episode 1) with an encouraging message that the Lord will ALWAYS find you, no matter where you are or what circumstance you’re facing. Lecrae’s message coincides with our guest speaker, Bishop TD Jakes’ message, which explains that angels slip through the prison bars to help you rest in the midst of uncertainty. Bishop Jakes repeatedly and powerfully explains, “you have angels on your side!” We also brought back a fan favorite from an earlier episode, a Zoom call with two formerly incarcerated friends of Josh Smith’s, who are now dedicated to bringing about necessary reform for those still on the inside. They chat about a wide variety of topics – from homemade prison foods, to the importance of powerful inmate leaders, to discussing what they would’ve done differently if they were given the chance. Episode 5 wraps up with a special song from a VERY popular worship team and an exciting announcement from Josh about the future of Visitation 2.0…you’ll just have to watch to find out!


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