Episode 3 – Time on Your Hands

The best advice for how to ‘serve time’ well comes from those who have experienced incarceration themselves. Episode 3 of Visitation 2.0 features testimonies from the formerly incarcerated, sharing practical advice for proactively doing time, overcoming challenging circumstances, and developing personal potential. In addition to their inspiring testimonies, these formerly incarcerated guests give practical advice on how to serve the time one-day-at-a-time and not lose hope. Also included in this episode is Civil Rights icon and activist, Ambassador Andrew Young, who reminds us of one man’s power to change the world from his jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama- his friend Martin Luther King, Jr. Actor David Arquette, along with his wife and film producer, Christina Arquette host the show, and are joined by some special guests, Actors Danny Trejo and Patricia Arquette, as well as author Shaka Senghor, who wanted to share their own messages of hope. A Grammy Award winner, and someone who chooses to spend personal time performing for people in prison, kicks off the episode by singing one of her top hits. Also included is a performance by James Paek and friends. The episode closes with a performance from Elevation Worship, along with shout-outs from a host of volunteers who serve faithfully in corrections facilities around the country. As a result of COVID-19, you might find yourself with more or less time on your hands than normal, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how much time there is in a day. What we choose to do with this time; however, is up to us. The talented men and women you see here, including the faithful prison volunteers, chose to spend their time sharing heartfelt messages of encouragement with those behind bars! How will you choose to use yours?


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