Visitation 2.0 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day


Visitation 2.0 is a free digital series of hope-filled, uplifting, Christ-centered content, delivering messages of love and encouragement to individuals and families impacted by incarceration, as well as correctional staff. Our series is in over 1,200 facilities nationwide! Due to the success of the original series and youth series, we were inspired to create two episodes specifically devoted for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As if being a parent in prison separated from children isn’t hard enough, the pandemic has cancelled visits from family and volunteers for over a year, adding to the suffering during this season. We want to make incarcerated men and women feel special, to encourage them, and remind them that they are not forgotten. See below for the finished product!

Watch Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Episodes below.

Mother’s Day Episode

Watch Mother’s Day Episode

Father’s Day Episode

Watch Father’s Day Episode

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