Josh Smith, 4th Purpose Foundation’s Founder & CEO, was recently featured as a speaker at the FOCUS Ministries 2020 Fundraiser. FOCUS Ministries is a nonprofit ministry based in Knoxville, TN, aimed at providing hope for the incarcerated through a framework called Pathway to New Beginnings. According to FOCUS, the pathway’s three main goals are:

  • inspiring men and women inside the walls through strategic, values-based programming
  • empowering men and women outside the walls through therapeutic community, assistive agency partnerships, and workplace reintegration; and
  • reunifying families through intentional visitations and strategic long-term success plans.

FOCUS Ministries is a local partner with the 4th Purpose Foundation and Josh’s speech touched on this by detailing aspects of his personal story, the great work of FOCUS Ministries, and how the work of 4th Purpose and FOCUS aligns with one another toward the common goals of hope and transformation.

For Josh’s full address, see the attached video below.