4th Purpose Foundation CEO Josh Smith, recently co-authored an article with Scott Peyton from Right on Crime, concerning clean slate laws and its impact on the criminal justice system. Justice-involved individuals, who make up one-third of the American population, confront numerous barriers in their effort to return to their community as productive citizens. Reforms that remove unnecessary barriers and provide greater opportunities for employment, housing, and assimilation into their communities have a positive effect on recidivism rates. One of these reforms are clean slate laws, which remove barriers to employment, housing, education, and occupational licensing for justice involved individuals by automating the criminal record expungement process. It provides relief to many individuals who seek to live meaningful and valuable lives and contribute their talents to society. Lawmakers have a role in creating opportunities for these individuals and Josh Smith uses his knowledge and experience to explain the positive impact of these initiatives.

The full link to the piece can be foundĀ here.